Hand Decorated Decoden Sugar Skulls



Hand Decorated Decoden Sugar Skulls are unique kitsch gift for any skull lover. great idea for the biker in your life or  any one into Gothic decor. aAn ideal gift for the man of house either for fathers day, Christmas or birthdays.

Hand Decorated Decoden Sugar Skulls are hand piped with top quality Decoden silicone based clay on a plastic base, They are hand decorated with resin charms and gems to match your chosen theme .  the  hand pipping is done in 5 stages for complete coverage.  Due to the design and creation process each skull is a unique product  and no 2 are the same,

sugar skulls are approximately 10cm  by 11cm

Safety notice

  • These are not toys
  • these are not suitable for children under 3yrs due to small parts
  • resin parts are not ediable


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