Handmade Flower Dream Catcher



Handmade Flower Dream Catcher is a forever flower which is ideal for mothers day gifts or valentines day gifts. Handmade Flower Dream Catcher is built up of 7 individual dream catchers put together in the shape of a flower. It has 6 resin flowers around the center hoop, an is finished of with feathers and beads in contrasting colours. Each hoop is hand wrapped in satin ribbon and then hand webbed. This is any ideal gift and makes a nice alternative to real flower. This dream catcher looks lovely in any room.  All dream catchers are soaked in moonlight to bring positive energy into your home. They also come with the origin story of the dream catcher.

This measures approximately 42 cms in length and 22 cms wide

Beads and resin flowers may vary are chosen to match your colour choices

Safety notice

  • These are not a toy
  • Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts
  • We can not guarantee these will take your nightmares away


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