The Kayla Star Mandala Dream Catcher



The Kayla Star Mandala Dream Catcher is perfect for therapy rooms, meditation areas, yoga studios or just for your very own place of solitude. a great gift for any occasion.

The Kayla Star Mandala Dream Catcher is made up of a 15cm hoop hand wrapped in satin ribbon then then 2 colour mandala is hand weaved in the centre there hangs an Ohm charm to represent the sound of the universe. then this product is finished with a cut glass crystal hanging from the hoop. this product is completely vegan friendly

Safety notice

  • These are not a toy
  • Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts
  • We can not guarantee these will take your nightmares away

Additional information

Dream catcher colour

Black, Brown, Cream, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Green, Dark Green, Light Pink, Pink, Hot Pink, Lilac, Orange, Peach, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Slate Grey, Turquoise, White, Yellow

dream catcher colour 2

black, blue, brown, cream, dark blue, dark green, green, hot pink, light blue, light green, light pink, lilac, orange, peach, pink, purple, rainbow, red, slate grey, turquoise, white, yellow