Handmade Vegan Friendly 3D Dream Catcher



Handmade Vegan Friendly 3D Dream Catcher is made from two medium hoops interlocked together to make a cage like shape. Then they are  wrapped in satin ribbon and lovingly hand
webbed in a traditional style. Handmade Vegan Friendly 3D Dream Catcher has been made with all vegan friendly products. This dream catcher has a cut glass crystal in the  middle and one at the bottom. when the sun hits the cut glass crystals they glisten around the room. You can see the crystals from each of the four sides which are webbed individually.

All of our dream catchers are soaked in moon light to bring positive energy  into your home, using the natural cleansing energies of the moons rays.
Each one comes with a tribal legend. These make ideal gifts and are ideal to hang in any room.

Safety notice

  • These are not a toy
  • Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts
  • We can not guarantee these will take your nightmares away