Cresent Moon Dream Catcher



Introducing the Crescent Moon Dream Catcher – a captivating and magical addition to your home decor. Designed in the shape of a crescent moon, this dream catcher brings a sense of peacefulness and serenity to any space.

Crafted with keen attention to detail, the Crescent Moon Dream Catcher features a delicate metal frame adorned with seed beads, cut glass finish hanging from the crescent moon and intricate webbing . Symbolizing growth, transformation, and new beginnings, the crescent moon shape adds a touch of mysticism to your surroundings.

Hang this ethereal dream catcher above your bed, in your meditation area, or anywhere you wish to create a calming ambiance. As you sleep, it is believed that the dream catcher will capture negative energies and filter out bad dreams, allowing only positive and uplifting ones to pass through. The delicate glass crystal creates a magical rainbow when the sun reflects on it  promoting a mystical feel to any room.

Not only does the Crescent Moon Dream Catcher serve as a stunning piece of wall art, but it also holds deep spiritual significance. It is an ideal choice for those seeking to harness the power of the moon and embrace a deeper connection to their dreams and intuition.

Enhance the atmosphere of your sacred space with the Crescent Moon Dream Catcher – a celestial symbol that inspires tranquility, protection, and a sense of wonderment.

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Black, Brown, Cream, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Green, Dark Green, Light Pink, Pink, Hot Pink, Lilac, Orange, Peach, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Silver, Slate Grey, Turquoise, White, Yellow

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