Pip Can’t Sleep Paper Back Book


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Bedtime can be a nightmare. Let’s be honest mums how many of times do you hear, “I want a drink.”, “I can’t sleep”, “I need another wee” or my favourite “Just one more story”
I always wanted bedtime to be smooth, well it just isn’t. I found finding that one book they love, their go to book, was always a win for a settle night. So here I am giving you that book. A book they can call on with love. A book full of a magical journey to find a good nights sleep.

Pip Can’t Sleep Paper Back Book is a lovely book to help bring a bit of magic to bed time. ideal for ages 0-7. join Pip on his magical journey to help him sleep.

Great for children who are learning to read or love being read to. this book will help bring a bit of magical quility time to bed time. go on this magical journey through the magic forest meet new friends and fall in love with the kindness shown by the characters.

Please feel free to tag Rainbow Poochy on social media of you with your books using #pipcantsleep. We can’t wait to see those happy faces after finding the magic.