Little Soldier Dream Catcher



Little Soldier Dream Catcher is a cute dream catcher for the little soldier in your life. Perfect gift for a forces lover or someone serving.  ideal for any Army/Navy/Airforce themed room. A great gift for any little boy or tomboy.
Little Soldier Dream Catcher are available in blue and green with or without beret.
these are part of our collaboration collection beach hut crafts beach hut crafts
who has lovingly needle felted the soldier which hung beautifully inside one of our dream catchers.
Little Soldier Dream Catcher is 20cm hoop hand wrapped in satin ribbon and then webbed between 2 hoops with contrasting seed beads and then our soldier is placed on guard in the centre. the dream catcher is then finished off with contrasting beads and feathers.
Each one comes with the fable of the dream catcher.